After reading our book review it is evident that al-Qaeda is portrayed as having no ideology, one of the largest security threats, and essentially pure evil. After the terrorist attacks of 2001 newspapers and other media outlets became flooded with satirical cartoons and other caricatures. What is interesting to note it that all these cartoons were produced by Western media outlets. All these images were found on google.images.com


This cartoon is one of much controversy. It was created by Danish political cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. This cartoon sparked many martyrdom operations against Danish people and eventually led to the 2008 bombing of the Danish embassy in Pakistan killing 250 innocent people.


Assumes all al-Qaeda are ruthless killers without an ideology.


Illustrating Finn’s notion that there is a double standard between al-Qaeda’s ideology and the Western counterterrorist strategies.


Illustrates the assumption that al-Qaeda has no political ideologica. Reinforces the notion they are evil.


Illustrarting the perception that al-Qaeda wants to kill all Americans.


Illustrating the perception that al-Qaeda wants to take over the world.


A more recent cartoon illustrating the US counter-terrorism strategies of drone striking.


Illustrating the perception that al-Qaeda is without a political ideology and killing for no reason.


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