As mentioned earlier, the book that is studied for this book review is the titled: Al-Qaeda and sacrifice: Martyrdom, War and Politics by Melissa Finn.

The book has an introduction and it is divided into 6 chapters which the last chapter is the conclusion.       Each chapter is divided into heading according to the topic of each chapter.

The topics of each chapter are:

  • Chapter one focuses on the Vantage Point of Sacrificial Violence: Al-Qaeda’s Worldview in Context.
  • Chapter two focuses on the Meanings of Sacrifice in Islam
  • Chapter three focuses on Etymological Reflections on Sacrifice
  • Chapter four focuses on Comparative Political Thought on War, Sacrifices, and Politics
  • Chapter five focuses on the Limits of Sacrificial Subjectivity for Politics
  • Chapter six is the conclusion: Sacrificial Subjectivity for Acephalic Politic

This book is essential in widening the understanding behind the ideology and motivation of Al-Qaeda . “Al-Qaeda and Sacrifice” grapples the themes of Western vs. Islamist, the meaning of sacrifice in Islam, which later reinforces the notion that al-Qaeda’s meanings are distorted, al-Qaeda’s political vision, and the limits of sacrificial subjectivity, more closely defined as Heedless Certainty, Rejection of Democracy, Autoimmunity Destroys Plurality.

In Melissa Finn YouTube account, she has released a video of her book launch. The video is one hour and forty-three minutes long.

I suggest you take a look at this book launch since you are able to hear her talk about her book.

There is also a gentleman who discusses at this book launch and enriches the conversation, there is also a question period at the end starting  1:00.



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