Our Book Review 

The purpose of the book review is to reveal the essence of “Al-Qaeda and Sacrifice- Martyrdom, War and Politics”: a greater understanding of alQaeda’s ideology and motivation.The book reveals that the current discourse on alQaeda consists of a distorted vision, filled with ignorance and oversimplifications of their ideology and motivation. Therefore, Finn moves away from this type of discourse and focuses on a greater understanding of their sacrifices and politics. Finn not only reveals the essence of this widening but also attempts to communicate that their acephalic politics are limiting any opportunities of establishing political institutions.

This website

The main goal for this website was to present the main themes, the book review , the praises, a bibliography of the author and a description of the book. 

The purpose of this website was also to provide the viewers the bibliography that was used for our book review, in order, for the viewer to have a chance to look at those readings.

Another goal for this website was to provide viewers a chance to look at videos of Canadian prime ministers discussing 9/11 and terrorism, videos that relate to the main themes of the book and the media portrayal of the terrorist group.

  Thank you for your time.


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