Prime minister Jean Chretien during 9/11


Prime Minister Stephen Harper pos 9/11

Finn focuses on understanding the ideology and motivation behind al-Qaeda.

But she also mentions in chapter one that Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, calls al-Qaeda Canada’s single greatest security threat. Finn goes on to convey how in reality al-Qaeda has never carried out any attack on Canadian soil. As well there are much larger security threats, such as the melting ice caps, and the marginalizing of Canadian indigenous populations.

We have included videos of former prime minister Jean Chretien and how he handled 9/11

– Address by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien on the occasion of a Special House of Commons Take Note Debate on the International Campaign Against Terror


– Jean Chretien options on how he handled 9/11 under his power


Ten years later, Jean Chretien reflects the Iraq war


Here is a video of Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper where he says the biggest security threat to Canada a decade after 9/11 is Islamic terrorism.


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